“Our goal is always to create a place where there's a memory.”

Designer Laura Sartori Rimini


3 Generations of Carpentry Artisans

Panesar Interiors has been creating and designing bespoke furniture and interiors for over 60 years.

Kundan Singh Panesar was born into family of bull-cart manufacturers; from a young age he showed a true finesse in carpentry and ironwork. In 1942, at the age of 25, Kundan received the opportunity to immigrate to Kenya, always looking for new horizons and a chance to follow his true passion of furniture design; he jumped at the chance and headed to Nairobi.

Within a few short years, in 1948, Kundan realized his dream and founded Panesar’s Furniture. His objective was to create an exclusive furniture brand that could compete in quality and design with Africa’s finest.

As the business grew, so did Kundan’s personal life, he married, had a family and 30 years later in 1972 he welcomed his son Moni into the business. Together, the father and son team elevated the brand to offer the most exquisite one-of-kind pieces to East Africa’s elite, servicing, their homes, offices and boardrooms.

By 1982, Kundan had retired and Moni was handling the full operation. A passionate businessman, Moni strengthened Panesar’s position over the next two decades. Developing the company to what was now being recognised as “The” interiors and bespoke furniture manufactures in the region.

In 2011, Moni welcomed his son, Vir into the fold. Playing on the factory floor as a child, Vir has developed a passion for interior design and has developed a strong bond with the brand. This fresh injection of energy is more apparent than ever in Panesar today

2014… and beyond!
Today, when you visit Panesar, you will be transported into a world of bespoke interiors, from your furniture, fixtures and colors, right through to your lighting, throw rugs and even potted plants. The Panesar’s team strives to ensure that all their clients, from established corporations to the personal shopper, are all truly inspired!



Ensuring quality treated wood is likely to be the most important in any furniture manufacturing process around the world. We are proud to host one of East Africa’s biggest drying kilns.

At Panesar Interiors, we ensure our wood is dried to and above international standards, ensuring that each piece has the optimum moisture content, this is noticeable when it comes down to the finishing and gluing of the wood.

The master craftsmen engage themselves in standard customized joinery and carving processes in order to suit each and every client’s personal preferences, tastes, styles and designs.

Some wood joints employ fasteners, bindings, or adhesives, while others use only wood elements. The characteristics of wooden joints – strength, flexibility, toughness, appearance, etc. –

derive from the properties of the joining materials and from how they are used in the joints. Therefore, different joinery techniques are used to meet differing requirements.

There are specialized cutting machines that cut the wood in the most efficient manner ensure minimal wastage. It was due to our personnel and machines that Panesar’s was able to introduce the “Minimum Dust Level” CP to the ISO certification bodies.


Sanding is a good method only if you have good sanding equipment and are experienced in the use of such equipment. At Panesar Interiors, we are equipped with only the best sanding equipment there is. The objective of sanding wood is to remove mill marks, which are caused by woodworking machines, and to remove other flaws such as dents and gouges that may have been introduced in handling.

We, at Panesar Interiors ensure that all our products come out with only the best sanding finishing.


Upholstery is the work of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers.

We have a highly skilled upholstery team who, from our board of assortments of fabrics – floral, stripes, leathers, velvets, silks, faux suede’s and solid texture – create and stitch fabulous furniture depending on what you want.

Again this is really dependent on the client’s choice . We host a range of different fabric catalogues, where you will be sure to find that one desired fabric you have been looking for

“A Panesar’s piece is an investment, not a disposable commodity”


To design and create exquisite bespoke furniture and interiors through exceptional craftsmanship, superior material, innovating new trends and ethical business practice that enhances the customer’s lifestyle and experience.


To be internationally recognized as a trend-setting bespoke interior company within the next five years. Furthermore, we aim to grow the Panesar brand in foreign markets by building long-term partnerships with only the foremost retailers in home and living sector.


“Joinery is the delicate and fine art of joining pieces of wood together to produce a perfect finish!”

At Panesar, our Joinery finishes are second to none. Trained to understand differing wood types, grains, and finishes, we ensure that our joins create the impression that the complete design is flawlessly fashioned from one piece of wood.

So, if you looking to produce a specific design or would like our in-house interior expert to design one for you, then our Joinery Division will get you the perfect wood finish, moulded to perfection.


Our Cabinetry Engineers are trained to understand spatial design and the various softwood* applications required for a perfect cabinetry installation and finish. Assisted with the latest 3D computer generating software, our clients are assured of seeing and approving their finalized product before we start any work.

* Softwoods used in the market are MDF and Particleboard; MDF is used for outside paneling where as particleboard is used for internal paneling.