The Panesar Process

Panesar Kiln
The Kiln & Carpentry

Kiln dried wood is the most important factor for carpentry. All our wood is cured for months within a controlled environment this ensures durability, longevity and quality.

Joinery & Carving

All our designs are customized to your style by our Master Craftsmen. Employing fasteners, binding and adhesives ensure that akk our joints are invisible while enhancinhg strength & flexibility.

Panesar Spray
Sanding & Polishing

Flaws are beautiful, however imperfections from machinery are removed by hand by our Master Sanders. In fact, our unique process of regular sanding and polishing gives our work the well-known 'Panesar Finish'.


Our padding, springs and webbing are installed with comfort, ergonomics and functionality in mind, and our fabrics are handpicked by our designer and yourself for a bespoke finish